PRESS RELEASE: Announcing SEE 2018 and Conference


With a new virtual spaceport added to SEE's 8th simulated Space mission, simulated tourism and commerce come to create new possibilities in SEE's simulated space mission to the Moon and Mars. With more than 100 people involved, directly and indirectly, this inter-university international SEE team — a partnering of government industry, associations, and academia — annually demonstrates its commitment to championing, challenging, and creating collegiate modeling and simulation education.

Priscilla Elfrey, Executive Chair of SEE's Strategic Action committee since 2011, reports that this effort addresses a critical workforce development concern. She further notes that SEE students from universities in the US, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Burkina-Fasso, and Pakistan are currently collaborating across 11 timezones learning simulation — supported by SISO, Florida Space Institute, Liophant, VSEE, Unity Design, CrtnResults, Pitch Industries, V-T MAK and NASA — with content, systems, project management, and mentors. They collaborate, she says, "in a unique electronic learning organization — thinking globally but working locally under faculty direction — SEE is a continuous demonstration of information sharing, trust, and creativity that always amazes."

Having learned complex distributed simulation by doing it and observing how it is done, everyone — students, faculty, industry, associations, and NASA — will come together, electronically and in person, for SEE2018 from May 8-10 to perform a simulated mission about humans moving off the planet creating an outpost for science, commerce and tourism on the far side of the Moon and robotic preparation preceding human exploration of Mars.

SEE 2018 will take place remotely and I physically in Sofia, Bulgaria under the direction of SEE2018 Co-executive Program Chairs Nikolay Tomov, chairman of the Bulgarian Simulation Association (BULSIM) and advisor to the participating Bulgarian teams and Jefferson Michaelis, CEO of the Michaelis Foundation for Global Education and advisor to the FACENS, Brazil team.

For further information contact SEE2018 General Manager,