SEE Stories from Calabria - "Our Simulation Exploration Experience" (PDF)

A note from Antonio Padovano:

In the accompanying PDF file, you will find nice pictures and some information about:

  • the several federates we proposed over the past years;

  • our comments and opinions about SEE;

  • pictures from

  • SpringSIM 2014 in Orlando

  • SpringSIM2016 in Pasadena

  • ICAMES 2016 in Istanbul, when we won the award with the SEE federate;

  • some keynotes about SEE at the I3M conference that Prof. Bruzzone and Prof. Longo organize every year in the field of M&S

Hope you like the presentation :)

All the best,

Antonio Padovano

Modeling & Simulation Center - Laboratory of Enterprise Solutions

DIMEG, University of Calabria