This Brooklyn kitchen offers the Earthbound a taste of outer space

FROM THE WASHINGTON POST - Tucked inside a former factory boiler room in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood is a kitchen dedicated to the care and feeding of Martians — that is, Earthlings who might someday live in a colony on Mars. Although for some it will come as no surprise that this is happening in Brooklyn, that bastion of anything-goes food culture, the concept, cooked up by artists Heidi Neilson and Douglas Paulson, is anything but fanciful.

Menu for Mars co-founder Heidi Neilson in the test kitchen installation at the Boiler art gallery in Brooklyn. (Menu for Mars Supper Club artists and the Boiler/Pierogi)

“It started as an intellectual exercise,” says Paulson. “But we quickly realized that creating a hands-on environment was necessary to the discussion.”What began as the Menu for Mars Supper Club, a monthly gathering of artists, scientists and educators that explored the cuisines of countries with active space programs, has evolved into the Menu for Mars Kitchen, a fully realized 1,200-square-foot installation at the Boiler art gallery.

Gallery co-owner Susan Swenson says she found the project intriguing because it combined “the farcical with the very real, using unusual ingredients that one could actually find on Mars and applying creativity to invent not only sustaining, but also tasty and visually engaging recipes.”