DON3 Public Release

It has been a bit more of a journey than anticipated, but we made it. NASA has released DON 3.0 for “U.S. and Foreign Release."

Distributed Observer Network 3 (DON3) is the innovation combination of NASA simulation technologies, NASA information technologies and commercial video game technology to provide a unique system that leverages the strengths of all three. A key component of the innovation is a standardized data interface for simulation related information that is coupled with custom software integrated into the game environment.

The link to the NASA software store is

NASA users will authenticate through Launch Pad. Others will have to create an account with the software store. As I understand, the process is then to request the software. The request will be routed to our release authority here at Kennedy, and once approved, some form of magic will occur that provides the software.

Due to space requirements, only basic simulations are provided. Missions for SEE should soon be available via that web site ( NASA missions will be provided via FileCloud.