• Minimum team:  at least one college faculty advisor and one student with knowledge of C++ and/or JAVA and readiness to learn HLA Evolved, use standards and participate in an inter-university international simulation experience. They may join as a class, independent researchers, a departmental project, interdepartment or inter-university undertaking.


  • Some faculty advisors assign 20-25% of the class grade to the SEE activity. That is not a SEE but an individual university or institute requirement.


  • Students will have access to Standards through Faculty Advisor as notified by Executive Chair(s).


  • Each team has a team leader responsible for communication with the SEE Operations, Technical and Executive leaders and committees. 


  • Duties may be delegated and names of deputies reported to Operatins Chair/General Manager: 

    • Executive Committee (Priscilla Elfrey, Stratgy Implementation & sroty, Richard Severinghaus, Program coordination) NASA.

    • Liaison Faculty Advisors, SISO, SCS, Liophant, industry, mentors, potential partners and sponsors: Executive Team Forum, deadlines and requirements for 50 work synopsis, SCS absrract, one page description, SCS Poster session, SEE 2015 scenario & narration, recognition, other questions or issues.

    • Technical Committee (Michael Conroy): Team plans for models, testing and interactivity, Distributed Observer Network (DON) team interfaces, SEE 2015 Environment, Technical Forum, tutoring, lectures, technical resources, Federated Object Models (FOM) deadlines and review, (technical tag-ups and testing, SEE 2015 event technical connections, testing, dry-run, SEE 2015 participation (remote or in person), post-event (informal) technical interchange.