SEE 2017

April 5, 2017 • "Live and Remote" from Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA

DATES:  April 5, 2017

LOCATION:  "Live and Remote" from Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA


Featuring 14 teams from California to Bulgaria.

SEE 2016

March 23 - April 3, 2016

SEE 2016 will take place at the 2016 SCS Spring Simulation Multi-Conference (SpringSim'16)


Location:  Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Venue:  Check back soon!

SCS SummerSim '15 Multi-Conference 2015

July 26 - 29, 2015 • Chicago, IL

The 2015 Summer Simulation Multi-Conference (SummerSim’15) is SCS’s premier international conference. The conference focuses on modeling and simulation, tools, theory, methodologies and applications and provides a forum for the latest R&D results in academia and industry.

SEE 2015 (SCS SpringSim '15)

April 12 -15, 2015 • Alexandria, VA

NASA's premier modeling and simulation competition blasts of once again at the upcoming SCS SpringSim '15 Multi-Conference!

SCS SpringSim'15 Multi-Conference (Home of SEE 2015)

April 12-15, 2015 • Alexandria, VA

The SCS Spring Simulation Multi-Conference 2015 (SpringSim'15) brings leading experts in various domains of Modeling and Simulation together. It is also the venue where SEE 2015 will take place.

I/ITSEC 2015

November 30 - December 4, 2015

The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)is the world's largest modeling, simulation, and training conference. It is always held near the beginning of December in Orlando, Florida, USA, and it consists of peer-reviewed paper presentations, tutorials, special events, professional workshops, a commercial exhibit hall, a serious games competition, and STEM events for teachers and secondary students. I/ITSEC is organized by the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA), which promotes international and interdisciplinary cooperation within the fields of modeling and simulation (M&S), training, education, analysis, and related disciplines at this annual meeting. The NTSA is an affiliate subsidiary of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). Hence, I/ITSEC also emphasizes themes related to defense and security.

ITEC 2015

April 28-30, 2015 • Prague, Czech Republic

ITEC is an annual forum for representatives from the military, industry and academia to connect and share knowledge with the international training, education and simulation sectors. 

I/ITSEC 2014

December 1-5, 2014 • Orlando, FL

The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) promotes cooperation among the Armed Services, Industry, Academia and various Government agencies in pursuit of improved training and education programs, identification of common training issues and development of multiservice programs.

SEE 2014

April 13-16, 2014 • Tampa, FL, USA

With four previous years of groundbreaking and successful Smackdowns, it was time to upgrade the brand. The Simulation Exploration Experience (SEE) was born.

SEE 2013

April 6-10, 2013 • San Diego, CA, USA

The 3rd annual Simulation Smackdown (soon to be renamed "Simulation Exploration Experience") displayed a distinct evolution with two years of experience and an increasing number of participants to rely upon.

SEE 2012

March 26-29, 2012 • Orlando, FL

Leveraging the momenum and success from 2011, SEE 2012 (also called "Smackdown" at the time) carried its mission to new heights.

SEE 2011

April 4-9, 2011 • Boston, MA

The inaugural Simulation Exploration Experience (called "Simulation Smackdown" at the time), was a momentus occasion for the world of modeling and simulation.

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