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The Participant Observer is a SEE 2015 category, primarily for M&S faculty, research associates and professional interested in becoming more familiar with the systems and practices of SEE, Simulation Exploration Experience. The participant observer does not field a team but may in future. The Executive Producers have identified a number of roles and will work with potential observer participants to craft an optimal SEE role. 


  • Join and participate in the SEE O&T meetings, Operations and Technical, available via VSEE (free video conferencing tool) Wednesday mornings at 10 am Eastern.

  • Enroll in the SEE2015 Tech Forum to see the exchanges among the team.

  • If attending the SCS Spring Multi-conference in Alexandria, VA, serve as a representative for a remote team

  • Serve as a mentor to a team

  • Adopt a model from the SEE repository and play a limited role in the SEE2015.


By establishing, augmenting and refining this role, the Executive Producers intend to familiarize more faculty with SEE and its opportunities.  This will be the 5th year of the event, which enables students to learn highly distributed simulation interoperability and standards, by doing all this in a simulated mission on and in the vicinity of the far side of the Moon. Through SEE, student teams become more employable as they learn HLA evolved, the SISO standard  and work together across time zones, oceans, languages and culture. They also have opportunity to be more aware of employer expectations.  SEE proves itself in strengthening professional networks, through reliable information, resources, and simulation credibility and visibility.  SEE is an active year-round partnership of government, industry, professional  societies and academia supported soles by in-kind and personal donations.  SEE recognizes the lack of M&S Education at the college level and is a unique effort to both address and bring attention to this concern.  Simulation is a critical technology requiring serious college level attention.  It is our intent that the Observer Participant role is a step in that direction. 


SEE Poster Session at SCS SpringSim '15

As part of the Poster Session and Student Colloquium, SCS will include a special session, in partnership with the Simulation Exploration Experience (SEE) executive committee. The theme is “Challenges and opportunities in developing distributed simulation of complex systems and real time applications among highly dispersed teams.”  Student teams will prepare an abstract which the SEE team will produce a poster representing SEE student team experience and work-in-progress including international inter-university interactivity, building and testing models and simulations that interoperate in a distributed simulation led by NASA and SEE’s industry and academic partners as elements in their individual University academic programs.  The results of their classwork, research and Simulation Exploration Experience 2015 achievements will be demonstrated, presented, discussed informally and formally and recognized during the conference.